AP National Golf Club

2019 Club Schedule

January 5th Saturday Champagne Championship | The Home Course | 2019 Wilson DeLancy

February 2nd Saturday Super Bowl of Skins | The Classic | 2019 Champion Ricardo Claxton

March 9th Saturday Season Kick Off | Auburn Municipal | 2019 Champion Christian Wilborn

March 16th Saturday Players Championship | Gold Mountain | 2019 Barry Cunnigan

April 12th Friday APNational Masters | Tacoma Country & Golf Club | 2019 Thomas Ferguson

May 18th Saturday Amateur Championship | Links at Hawks Prairie | 2019 Champion Prience Moore

June 16th Sunday U.S. Open Father’s Day Cup | Chambers Bay | 2019 Champion Richard Claxton

June 22nd Saturday, Casual Co-Play | Mt. Si 

June 29th Saturday, Casual Co-Play | Ft. Lewis Eagles Pride 

July 6th Saturday The Bulldog | West Seattle | Hosted by Derek Liddell | 2019 Champion Kevin Davis

July 20th Saturday Open Championship | Echo Falls | 2018 Christian Wilborn REGISTER!

August Saturday 17th Club & Senior Club Championship | Ft. Lewis | 2018 Club Champion Mike Knox 

September 2nd Monday Labor Day Game | Madrona Links |

Sat. November 16th Ed Claxton 3 Club Turkey Shoot | Fosters Golf Links | 10:00am Start | Email Ed at Edward.Claxton@centurylink.com for more information or to attend

 **Must be a paid member by April 1st and have competed in a minimum of two tournaments to be eligible for the Club Championship**

**Check weekly for Weekend Casual & APNational Weekday Senior Play  


APNational Fall Series Cup | September – October

September 14th Saturday – Capitol City

September 28th Saturday – Riverbend

October 12th Saturday – Redmond Ridge


Questions: Email apnationalgolfclub@gmail.com